About NSUcyberlaw

Welcome to the NSUcyberlaw Blog. NSU Law has a robust and growing academic program in intellectual property, cyberlaw, and technology law offered as a J.D. concentration, an online LL.M. degree track, a M.S. in Law concentration, and an undergraduate minor (in Law, Science, and Technology).

The NSUcyberlaw Blog will focus on the overlapping hot topics in law, technology, cybersecurity, privacy, free speech, media, and similar issues of interest. The blog is intended to bring together significant ideas and resources on the intersection of law, science, and technology, including all aspects of data privacy and intellectual property.

We welcome submissions on relevant topics. Submissions may address an important policy or legal question, or also describe a new research publication or product. Submissions should be in English, 450-700 words, and include the author’s real name, email, and (if the submission discusses a research article or book) any available link to a public version of the paper or book. Inclusion in the NSUcyberlaw blog is at the discretion of the editors, and submissions may be edited for length or clarity. Please do not submit commercial solicitations.