Can a Novel Better Highlight the Risks of Cyberwarfare and the Singularity?

As an academic, I regularly blog and write about the regulatory issues and potential benefits and risks of technology. These articles are generally read by other attorneys and academics. This year, I am trying something different. I have written a novel that explores these issues from within the genre of a murder mystery. Introducing –

Burn Rate by Jon M. Garon

About the book:

Jeff Devon, a Silicon Valley paper billionaire is found dead. Though there is little evidence Devon was even murdered, the sensitive nature of the company’s technologies draws the attention of the FBI and the Department of Defense Criminal Investigation Service (DCIS). Suddenly, everyone in the company is under investigation¾for murder, espionage, and insider stock trading. Evidence pointed to international espionage and the theft of technologies for the creation of autonomous weapons of war – from drones able to target an individual to missile systems and vehicle systems that could wage war with the touch of a button. These threats were real, but they could also be a smokescreen for more mundane motives of theft, power, or personal jealousy.

Despite the growing list of horrific crimes, the murderer claims to be trying to stop an even bigger threat¾the theft of technology that would lead to the start of war. Can the company and the government control what they started before it is too late?

The book is available on Kindle and in paperback.

There is nothing better than a breezy read to help understand the end of the world. Please take a look.

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